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Very few customers appear in the store. This is doubtless in part by Dramatic Necessity, in that the strip normally relies on characters interacting with each other. However, it also reflects the low level of trade.

Some customers appear often enough to be considered minor /background characters in their own right (such as The Things). Also, Jessie is known to shop at the store (albeit Ed often ends up paying...)

This page of the Wiki is dedicated to tracking appearances by other, unnamed customers who occasionally pop-up. In point-of-fact, Megatainment refers to them as 'guests'[1].

Customer Appearances[]


  • In Strip 121 a woman asks Thomas' opinion regarding a Spawn game. Unfortunately, he is very honest and to the point in this regard.
  • In Strip 203 a young male customer appears. He looks disturbingly like Thomas in many ways, but is clearly younger, and has a right-ear piercing. He is considering two different CDs, and is unlucky enough to catch Thomas on a bad day. In Strip 205 we find out the kid routinely buys then returns the CDs, which may partially justify Thomas' original response. By Strip 208 the kid has filled out a comment card complaining about Thomas, but cannot figure out how to cut it in the letterbox...
  • ...