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Reggie is one of the frequently-recurring / regular characters of Between Failures. He works part-time at the store (and has done for some time), but is generally disliked by many of the other characters.



Reggie is of seemingly of average height. He appears Caucasian, has green eyes and a sharply pointed, downturned nose.

He has black hair, worn fairly long. He has a prominent fringe, parted to his left. Judging by the deep shine nearly always, he appears to style or grease his hair with product[1].


When at work, Reggie usually wears Megatainment polo shirts. He makes a particular point of always wearing his uniform nametag (in contrast to the other staff).

Reggie has a bright red, short-sleeved jacket he wears to and from work[2].





Reggie has been seen to have a sister (Victoria), a father, and a mother.

Childhood / Education[]


Job Role[]

Reggie's role in the store is that of a part-time sales associate / clerk. He has worked at the store a number of years, and longer than Jo[3]. He has previously been passed over for full-time status and work as a department lead.


Romantic / Sexual[]

After dating, Reggie and Alex have started a relationship.







Early on in the comic, Reggie is generally arrogant and obnoxious, and often insults others. He also seems to have a low opinion of poor people[4] (despite working at the store).

Despite his attitude (and limited position), Reggie does seem genuinely keen to innovate in-store[5].

Self-image / Beliefs[]


Hobbies & Interests[]


Food, Drink & Drugs[]

Reggie appears to enjoy hot drinks, likely coffee[6].




  • Early on in the comic (when the some of the characters 'spoke' in different fonts) Reggie used Tahoma.
  • Jackie has previously mentioned that some of his characters have 'ear numbers' (as discussed on a podcast with Moonhawk Studios Presents[7]. While the full list (and specifically Jackie's reasons for them) has never been revealed, Jackie's appears to be 6. Oddly, he shares this with Carol, although his appears simpler.
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