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You've found the (somewhat) official 'Between Failures' Wiki!

The project was launched in January 2018, with the blessing of Jackie Wohlenhaus, aiming to provide an online companion to his excellent webcomic over at


The Wikia has only just been set up, and will likely be under construction for the next few months. During this time the hope is to create the structure of the Wikia, Character pages (for everyone), Location pages and so forth. We're also including loads of neat stuff documenting the comic's Pop Culture reference, the frequency of character appearances and other content.

In order to create the Wiki, the Editors are working through the entire Between Failures Archive, creating and updating articles as we go. While some content is occasionally added 'ahead of the curve', in general, the Wiki is only 'complete' up to the current page number. Additionally, more features may be added over time.

We're back! Las tyear we had reached Strip 365 (of 1830) - we were in colour, and over one-sixth of the way to catching Jackie up! Then, the Lead Editor, had some combined work/health issues, and the project sat dormant for a while. But no longer! The next major goal will be to reach the end of the second 'day' (Strip 622). However - owing to a couple of life events - the project has been on hiatus during mid-2018.

Note: During the initial run-through period, the Wiki may operate with Edit Protection on some pages. We will also ask that any editors are registered users of FANDOM, and make only minor edits for now. The aim is to ensure everything works and that a general structure is in place before allowing the community as a whole to contribute. Also, Jackie has been very generous in giving this project the 'green light', and the Admin team want to ensure his satisfaction before we allow unrestricted editing.

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The Front Page of Between Failures. Top Left to Bottom Right: Nina, Thomas, Ed, Jo and Carol.

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