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'The Things' are a small group of young, male 'Emo' customers / timewasters who periodically hang around the store. Their names are never mentioned in the strip itself. They are collectively referred to as 'The Things' in Jackie's own work-in-progress Synopsis page on the Between Failures website.

They are also sometimes referred to as Snape, Vermin and Rooster, mainly after their appearances, which are directly referenced in the title of the first comic they all appear in[1].


The most notable of The Things ('Snape') has a striking resemblance to Severus Snape[2] (from the Harry Potter universe). He is tall, with long, lank dark hair. He has a sharp, hooked nose and prominent eyebrows and ear piercings[3].

Of the other two Things, 'Rooster' is of average height, with a part-shaved head and a long, floppy mohawk, parted to his right. He also has a piercing above his left eye and multiple piercings in his ears[4]. 'Vermin' is shorter, with long hair which almost completely obscures his face, as well as at least one ear piercing[5].




In general, The Things seem to cause low levels of nuisance. However, one of them does buy a CD early in the comic (albeit possibly as a pretext for asking Carol out)[6].




  • Thomas refers to the Snape-like Thing unflatteringly as 'Snivelus'[7].